How does Guyana report on the safeguard’s application?

The Government of Guyana will provide information on how the seven Cancun safeguards have been “addressed” and “respected” throughout the implementation of the REDD+ Actions, and in accordance with the national description of the Cancun safeguards.

A national summary of information (SOI) report will be prepared every year and published in the LCDS and GFC’s webpages. This same report will be shared with the UNFCCC focal point to trigger its submission to the UNFCCC.

To date, the Government of Guyana has submitted two SOIs to the UNFCCC. These can be accessed here.

The Government of Guyana will also utilize the SOIs to trigger the preparation of the monitoring reports for the Architecture for REDD+ Transactions (ART). Most recent monitoring reports can be accessed here.

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