MRVS Roadmap Phase 1

Guyana’s MRV Workshop Report Phase 1 – Nov 2009

27 – 29 October 2009

The Government of Guyana and Norway are jointly preparing a program designed to assist Guyana to prepare for and take advantage of carbon and climate related finance for sustainable management in the forest sector and for natural resources, enabling the protection and enhancement of resilient forested landscapes and to, overall, support of a national low carbon development strategy. The activities include the development of capacities for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of forest carbon stocks and changes.

In this context, the overall goal of the activities reported here are to develop a road map for the establishment of a MRV system for REDD+ participation for Guyana. A workshop of 90 national experts and stakeholders, and a series of consultations with relevant agencies were conducted during 27-29. October 2009 in efforts to prepare Guyana’s participation in REDD+ mechanisms…Click here for more information

Terms of Reference for Guyana’s MRVS Roadmap Phase 1

November 13, 2009

The Government of Guyana has embarked on a national programme that aims to protect and maintain its forests in an effort to reduce global carbon emissions and at the same time attract resources to foster growth and development along a low carbon emissions path. Guyana has over 80% of its land area covered by forests, approximately 16 million hectares. There has been a relatively low deforestation rate in Guyana estimated at 0.1% to 0.3% per annum; that is expected to increase in the future. Guyana is committed to provide a contribution to address the second most important source of carbon dioxide emissions world-wide coming from deforestation and forest degradation and is estimated at approximately 18% of global emissions.

The cooperation between the Governments of Norway and Guyana expresses a willingness to work together to provide the world with a relevant, replicable model for how REDD-plus can align the development objectives of forest countries with the world‟s need to combat climate change. The initiative will require the development of capacities for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of forest carbon stocks and changes…Click here for more information

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