MRVS Roadmap Phase 2

Guyana’s MRVS Roadmap Phase 2

September 2014

1.1 Background – Roadmap Phase 1
The MRVS Roadmap for Phase 1 was designed to guide the development of a MRV system for REDD+ in Guyana. The development of this roadmap1 considered the international requirements and national needs for the MRV system. It included a detailed capacity assessment based on the state of the existing national forest monitoring technical capabilities and the requirements for implementation of the MRV system in order to define a detailed plan to establish sustained MRV capacities within the country and to bridge the gap in capacities. The Roadmap was developed through a consultative multi-stakeholder process, which garnered inputs from local and international experts. The aim of Roadmap Phase 1 was to establish a comprehensive national system for monitoring, reporting and verifying forest carbon emissions resulting from deforestation and forest degradation in the country…Click here for more information

MRVS Phase 2 Workshop Report

24-25 March 2014

MRVS Phase 2 Workshop Report

After 4 years of implementation of the MRVS Roadmap to support Guyana and its REDD+ programme of work; a series of consultation sessions were conducted during the week of 24-27 March 2014 in Georgetown, Guyana. The consultations with national and international partners and experts reviewed the progress achieved, lessons learned and discussed the foundations for continued engagement and next steps in further developing Guyana’s forest monitoring capacities. Working Group Sessions on MRVS Roadmap took place on 24 and 25 March 2014 with focus:
1. on reviewing the progress made to date, reflecting on the need for ongoing and continuous activities and identifying gaps in implementation so far;
2. on having dialogue with national and international partners and experts on achievements, outcomes and lessons learned;
3. on developing next steps for the further development of Guyana’s MRVS…Click here for more information

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