Attention Forest Sector Operators and General Public

Live Call in Program on Guyana/EU FLEGT VPA The National Technical Working Group, guiding the process of the Guyana/EU FLEGT VPA will be having a panel discussion and call in program on NCN Theme: Increasing the understanding of the ‘Guyana-EU Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade, Voluntary Partnership Agreement’ A…

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FLEGT consultation session held in Aishalton


The FLEGT consultation session held in Aishalton on February 13th 2017 received participation from 25 persons representing the villages of Aishalton, Katoonarib, Karandarnau, Achawib, Bashaizon, Awarewaunau, Maruranau and Shea. Targeted sessions in this area has always been critical given the vast distance between these villages and the mainland of Georgetown.…

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Successful session on the EU-FLEGT was held in Lethem


On February 10th 2017, another successful session on the EUFLEGT was held in Lethem with participation from a total of 39 persons from 18 villages, namely Potarenau, Moco Moco, St. Ignatius, Tipuru, Tiger Pond, Hiowa, Yupukari, Shulinab, Quarrie, Kumu, Parishara, Sawariwau, Baitoon, Quiko, Meriwan, Nappi, Sand Creek, Katoka. Many of…

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Karasabai consulted on the Guyana-EU FLEGT VPA


On February 9th 2017, the Amerindian Village of Karasabai was consulted on the Guyana-EU FLEGT VPA as part of the National Technical Working Groups’ (NTWG) 2017 round of stakeholder consultation. Thirty one (31) persons were able to partake in the day’s session which included representation from the village of Yamparo.…

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