DRAFT National Forest Policy and Plan

The Guyana Forestry Commission is inviting comments on the DRAFT National Forest Policy and Plan. Deadline for submission is Friday, February 23, 2018.

Guyana National Forest Plan 2018

This National Forest Plan (hereafter ‘the Plan’) accompanies the Guyana National Forest Policy Statement (hereafter ‘the Policy’), which was developed with technical as well as stakeholder inputs over the period February to September 2017. The inputs of stakeholders, including agency, private sector, community and Indigenous Peoples, were key to identifying the actions needed for the operationalizing of the new Policy…Click here for more information

Revised National Forest Policy Statement 2018

This National Forest Policy Statement (NFPS), and associated National Forest Plan (NFP), reflect Guyana’s movement away from valuing forests simply for their wood, and instead treats them as a cornerstone of the country’s national patrimony; providing a host of products and services necessary to achieving the good life. Of course, an NFPS that goes beyond the timber industry can only be effectively implemented by multiple actors, across different sectors and institutional scales…Click here for more information


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