Function of the MRVS Steering Committee

The MRVS Steering Committee is tasked with overseeing the development and implementation of Guyana’s Monitoring Reporting & Verification System.  The Steering Committee seeks to monitor and review the status of various aspects of the MRVS development, as well as provide oversight of project deliverables.

The MRVS Steering Committee comprises representation of the following agencies: Office of Climate Change, Guyana Forestry Commission), Guyana Lands & Surveys Commission, Guyana Geology & Mines Commission, Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, Environmental Protection Agency, University of Guyana, Forest Producers Association, Guyana Gold & Diamond Miners Association and the National Toshaos Council.

More specifically, the Committee carries out the following functions:

  1. Overseeing the implementation of all MRVS activities;
  2. Providing assistance in the form of technical advice and sharing of data, information and feedback as required;
  3. Ensuring that scope of the MRVS activities implementation aligns with the agreed requirements of projects and advising on means by which key stakeholder groups are kept informed of progress in the development of the MRVS;
  4. Coordinating feedback from other agencies in areas of main deliverables and processes and integrate within the MRVS process;
  5. Providing a forum through which related work of other agencies and related committees, such as those responsible for various aspects of natural resources management and monitoring, can be discussed and facilitated;
  6. Supporting the integration mechanism for land use and forest cover monitoring for activities related to drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, as well as related activities to the national land use planning process;
  7. Overseeing implementation of activities relating to REDD+ Strategy development and execution, including in the area of REDD+ demonstration, such as Community MRV initiatives;
  8. Contributing inputs from representative agencies that each member is a part of, to ensure close cohesion and coordination of MRVS activities implementation;
  9. Participating in the review and selection of consultants to the relevant process; and
  10. Monitoring and managing the progress made in implementation of MRVS Road map activities.

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