Sawmillers welcome opportunity to export logs

─ said increased competition will benefit the forestry sector

Sawmillers are excited to grasp at the opportunities that will be created as the Government enacts a new policy that will allow those without concessions to export their logs.

The new policy is covered among a vast list of measures in the emergency budget for 2020 that is designed to stimulate economic growth.

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali

In his declaration on Monday, His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali said the comprehensive budgetary measures are in part intended, “to increase our productive capacity, to reduce the cost of doing business, to improve efficiency and facilitate the growth and development of businesses.”

Office Manager at Jettoo's Lumberyard and Sawmill, Steve Sanichar

Office Manager at Jettoo’s Lumberyard and Sawmill, Steve Sanichar

Jettoo’s Lumberyard and Sawmill and Builder Lumber Yard Company Ltd. are two of the prominent logging companies in Guyana that export logs by virtue of being concessionaires.

Steve Sanichar, the Office Manager at Jettoo’s held that with more sawmillers joining the export market, it is anticipated that there will be a higher quality of logs leaving Guyana.

“The competition is not much right now, but in the future, I expect the competition to be tough,” the Office Manager added.

As competition increases, the Jettoo’s Lumberyard and Sawmill expects there will be competitive prices for regional and international clients.

Co-owner of Builder Lumberyard and Sawmill, Avinash Salim

Co-owner of Builder Lumberyard and Sawmill, Avinash Salim

Over at Builder Lumberyard and Sawmill on Lombard Street, co-owner Avinash Salim expressed his satisfaction with the loosening of concessionaires’ grip on monopoly within the industry.

According to the co-owner, “[the policy] allows more people to get into the industry. It is better for the GFC [Guyana Forestry Commission].”

Salim also believes there will be an improvement in the quality of exported logs, and this will, “put Guyana more on the map.”

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